• Fishing in the Dolomites

    An alternative holiday enjoying the peaceful atmosphere of being in contact with the nature

    Fishing, a sport among many in South Tyrol! 

    Fishing is practiced by the inhabitants and guests in the lakes and streams of South Tyrol. 2612 streams, rivers and lakes, are classified as public waters in South Tyrol, but only a limited portion of these can be used for fishing.
    The waters of South Tyrol are populated mostly by various species of trout. There are many fishermen in South Tyrol, more than 12,000, so it was vital for the province, to establish precise laws that govern the fishing, in order to preserve natural habitats.
    In South Tyrol there are many lakes and rivers where you can fish, like LakePrags, Rienza River, Durensee and Lake Toblach.
    In the province of Bozen, is not enough the fishing license, people must also be in possession of the authorization to fish, which is obtained through the examination of fishing. In order to fish, you need the permits, which often can be purchased on site. For sport fishing in specific lake, you have to pay a fee.
    Fishing is a wonderful activity to do alone or with others also of the whole family, it sure is a great way to stay together and spend some happy hours immersed in nature!

    PERIOD: from early April to late October



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