• Alleghe Lake

    In the fresh water of its lake reflects the sorceress Civetta peak. Among high fifth covered with fir and larch peep, over a thousand meters higher, the elusive structure of the great west wall, a giant of the Dolomites with its seven miles of four thousand feet in height and width. The top of the great Civetta stands at 3220 meters high.

    Based on the large parking lot of the ice rink, you can make the complete ring around the lake with an easy walk . You will take a couple of hours, whereas every corner lends itself to reflection and observation of the landscape and natural features that, without fear of contradiction, we can define the most beautiful and fascinating world.

    There are so many activities you can practise in this lake not only in summer but also in winter seasons: windsurfing, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, rowing boat, pedalo trips, fishing and ice skating

    PERIOD: available all year.

    DURATION: around 4 hours. 

    MORE INFO: On request it is possible to include this location in the daily tour ”The Great Road of the Dolomites”.



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