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    Discover what the Dolomites cities can offer you.


    City Tour Bolzano

    Bolzano is a clear reflection of a place where different cultures meet and intercultural exchange takes place. In art, for example, paintings by Giotto and works by the Gothic school coexist, while in architecture, the unusual contrast between the historic town and the modern one, divided by the Talvera river, is quite obvious.
    Visiting the city is discovering the peculiarities of the fusion between Mediterranean and central Europe. Read more…

    City Tour Merano

    There are many good reasons to visit Merano and environs. Besides the large variety of leisure time activities, a wide spectrum of cultural events and 300 days of sunshine, Merano and environs are especially well known for their culinary specialities. Read more…

    City Tour Bressanone and The Novacella Abbey

    The episcopal city of Bressanone combines Medieval-Baroque atmosphere with modern lifestyle and a fascinating alpine world. The 1100-year-old town on the rivers of Eisack and Rienz has many stories to tell. Bressanone is bound to please you, with its almost unchanged medieval centre and its splendid cathedral and cloisters. A sightseeing tour is an absolute must-do! Read more…

    City Tour Trento

    The unique charm of a Renaissance Alpine city, where history is art. Trento is a city rooted in art and history, where the Italian and Mitteleuropean cultures meet. Unique amongst the Alpine cities, the City of the Council (1545 – 1563) still keeps its precious monuments as tokens of its rich artistic and historic heritage. Read more..

    Shopping in the Dolomites Cities 

    Bolzano is a historic market town with deep roots. Today it is a major commercial centre, which extends from the narrow, charming streets of the historic centre to Corso Libertà (Libertà Street) and the high streets and shopping malls of its quarters. Shopping here is a reflection of a multi-cultural exchange: from traditional South Tyrolean clothes to fashion designers, from traditional stores selling local products to Italian regional delis, from charming local market stalls to the market of Piazza delle Erbe (Erbe square). In other words, it is a colourful triumph of fruits, vegetables, flowers and breads.

    Typical Products Of South Tirol

    The world famous woodcarvings of Gardena Valley show a centuries-old tradition. 
Over the history, during winter, wood carvers of Gardena Valley conceived their products and then they sold them all over the world. Although in the past woodcarving was considered just as a supplementary income, but nowadays it is a real craft.

    Local Specialties

    South Tyrol’s quality food products are closely linked to the region’s rural culture and traditions. They are produced according to handed-down methods of preparation and, as such, they are South Tyrol’s unmistakable culinary ambassadors.


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