• Guided City Tour Bergamo

    An Italian Mastepiece

    The streets of Bergamo, surrounded by city walls and nestled on a hill, retain the look of a Medieval village, enclosed by its strong walls built by the Venetians in the 16th Century when the the most Serene Republic was at the height of its power; more than three centuries of prosperity and economic development have left their mark in the monuments, institutions and the character of its people.

    Testaments to this period are the well-preserved palaces, churches and public squares, such as the group of buildings comprising the Duomo, the Colleen Chapel and the Baptistery, just to mention a few, along with Piazza Vecchia (the old public square) and Palazzo della Region.

    The Academia Carrara, one of the most important art galleries in all of Italy, must not be missed, along with Teatro Donizetti, dedicated to the most illustrious citizen of Bergamo, Gaetano Donizetti, and where famous works are performed.
    Elsewhere in Bergamo Province, the Medieval architecture alternates with more recent architecture of outstanding artistic value, such as the Church of San Tomè, a Romanesque jewel dedicated to Saint Almenno Bartolomeo; and the Church of Santa Barbara, that houses an important cycle of frescos by artists the likes of Lorenzo Lotto and Trescore Balneario. The Castle of Cavernago is a powerful defensive structure, converted over the years into noble residences enlivened with frescoes. Many palaces – splendid patrician residences – are also scattered throughout the territory.

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Which are the closest airports in the area?

The closest airport are Innsbruck (125Km) and Verona (143km).

Do i need travel insurance?

We recommended getting a travel insure policy which cover you for all medical expenses(including repatriention) and any expensive items you bring away with you such as laptops, smartphone, photo cameras, tablets, etc. Travel insurance should be taken out at the time of booking in case you have to cancel out travel because of unforeseen events.

What's the opening period of mountain huts?

During summer season, they open approximately their doors on the 10th of June and close them on the 25th of September. These dates depend on weather conditions.

Is it necessary to bring your own sleeping bag in mountain huts?

No. Usually the beds in the mountain huts have got a blanket and a quilt. Anyways it is better to ask for more information to the mountain hut.

Are there showers in mountain huts?

Usually the room has a shared shower, just a few rooms have a private shower. Using the shower has normally a cost because the water in the mountain huts is precious and it runs frequently out.

Do I need to book in forehand a room in a mountain hut?

No, but is highly recommended. Otherwise it is better to arrive early in the afternoon in order to have a better chance of getting the room.