• Walking to the Fiè Lake and Malga Tuff

    One of the most attractive lakes in Alto Adige is perfectly located at the foot of the Sciliar Massif. It is surrounded by woodlands and is ideal for swimming.

    The small lake of Fiè lies among shaded woods in front of the peaceful Sciliar Massif. In the summer of 2010 it was nominated as the most beautiful lake in Italy on account of its stunning landscape and the quality of its waters. The lake is not natural. It was created in the XVIth century by Leonhard von Vòls (Fiè) – Colonna, Captain of Tyrol, as a fishing lake. Today fishing is not allowed. Swimming, however, is very popular among hikers and mountain climbers who wish to find somewhere cool off. A beach on the lake shore has a bar and shower/toilet facilities. The lake is divided into two by a grove of reeds. Half of the lake is a nature reserve where swimming is not allowed. In winter a part of the lake freezes and is perfect for ice skating. As the lake is only 3.5 m deep it freezes quickly during the winter.


    From the Lake of Fié allo Sciliar, trail no. 1B leads us up to the Malga Tuff mountain hut. It is a forest road without difficult ascents and accessible also for prams. However, there is also the possibility to reach the Malga Tuff by horse sleigh. The Malga Tuff (1,280 metres asl) lies at the foot of Mount Sciliar, embedded in a beautiful meadows landscape, and is a perfect destination for families since there are a big playing ground and some farm animals. After a short break we continue our hiking tour on trail no. 8B, leading us through the forest, until we cross the Völser Bach brook over a bridge and reach the signpost “Migghöhle”, a cave where Franz Migg, a hermit of Fié allo Sciliar, lived in the last century.