• Funes Valley and the Odle mountains

    Val di Funes/Villnöss Valley is simply picture-perfect: a fairytale that is idyllic and enchantingly beautiful. The main landmark is the Odle/Geisler Dolomite Massif: its striking, pale towers of rock and mountain peaks make it the star of the show.

    Because of its unique monumental beauty, UNESCO has listed the Dolomite Mountains as a World Heritage Site. Puez-Odle/Puez-Geisler Nature Park should indeed be part of the “history book of the earth”, as the Dolomites are often called. The world’s great mountaineer, Reinhold Messner, comes from Val di Funes, and learned to climb here.
    The valley’s practically countless hiking trails and climbing routes set against a unique backdrop make it a true paradise for anyone who loves the mountains. In Val di Funes there are hikes of various levels of difficulty—from paths leading through alpine pastures, which are also perfect for families with children to the 100-kilometre-long Nordic walking course and from walks up to mountain huts to high-alpine mountain climbing. Val di Funes is part of the network called “Pearls of the Alps”, comprised of 20 communities dedicated to sustainable tourism. This makes it possible to leave your car at home during your holiday: buses take guests directly to the starting points of their tours.
    This secluded Dolomite valley places a great deal of importance on the preservation of traditions and old customs. In Val di Funes old farm roads have been very carefully renovated, for example, and a panoramic trail past traditional mountain farms gives insights into the lives of mountain farmers. The village of Santa Maddalena/St. Magdalena, located at the foot of the Odle Massif sets the scene for the South Tyrol Speck Festival every autumn.

    PERIOD: from early April to late October