• Knottnkino near Merano

    This movie is unique and can only be watched in one cinema only. The movie changes with the seasons and conveys a special feeling. Moreover the script has been created solely by nature. We are talking about the so called “Knottnkino” on the Tschögglberg mountain located above Avelengo and Verano.
    This special cinema has been created by Franz Messner in 2000 on the Rotstein-Kogel at an altitude of 1,465 m asl. More than 30 seats made of steal and chestnut wood, reminding on the seats in a very old cinema, have been arranged on a little rock shoulder, which in South Tyrol is called “Knottn”. As soon as you have taken a seat, the movie starts – and a great panoramic view on Valle dell’Adige, the Penegal, the Dolomites, Corno Bianco, Val d’Utimo, Gruppo di Tessa, the valley basin of Merano and Val Passiria.

    PERIOD: from early April to late October