• Romantic Night In A Igloo At 3000 m Altitude

    An adventourous night in an igloo in Senales Valley located close to the Bella Vista Mountain Hut.

    These authentic igloos offer a very special winter adventure where you are, but certainly do not feel, cold. Spending the night in a house of snow is a truly unique experience: every year in December we build two or three traditional igloos, from ice and snow, close to the Bella Vista Mountain Hut. The interiors of the sleeping areas are lined with sheepskin rugs, which make igloos perfectly insulated. Theese igloos are designed for two people and they
are also equipped with expedition sleeping bags – always with a fresh sleeping-bag liner made of skin-friendly linen.

    After a night in these unconventional dwellings, perhaps you would like to enjoy a session in our alpine sauna. Afterwards, a hearty dinner is served in the mountain hut, featuring delicious and authentic local specialties. When you return to your igloo at bedtime, a bottle of Bella Vista Franciacorta sparking wine greets you, perfectly chilled at room temperature!

    In the Inuit language, by the way, the word igloo simply means “home.” Although the Inuit have no more lived in igloos since the 1950s, they continue to conserve the tradition not only because it is an important component of their culture, but also because igloos still serve as emergency shelters.



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Which are the closest airports in the area?

The closest airport are Innsbruck (125Km) and Verona (143km).

Do i need travel insurance?

We recommended getting a travel insure policy which cover you for all medical expenses(including repatriention) and any expensive items you bring away with you such as laptops, smartphone, photo cameras, tablets, etc. Travel insurance should be taken out at the time of booking in case you have to cancel out travel because of unforeseen events.

What's the opening period of mountain huts?

During summer season, they open approximately their doors on the 10th of June and close them on the 25th of September. These dates depend on weather conditions.

Is it necessary to bring your own sleeping bag in mountain huts?

No. Usually the beds in the mountain huts have got a blanket and a quilt. Anyways it is better to ask for more information to the mountain hut.

Are there showers in mountain huts?

Usually the room has a shared shower, just a few rooms have a private shower. Using the shower has normally a cost because the water in the mountain huts is precious and it runs frequently out.

Do I need to book in forehand a room in a mountain hut?

No, but is highly recommended. Otherwise it is better to arrive early in the afternoon in order to have a better chance of getting the room.