• Fabulous PARADISE 100% Adventure

    The summer holiday in the mountain is, to put it mildly, surprising: colourful flowers, green meadows, shady woods and above all the extraordinary mountain chain of the Dolomites, UNESCO world natural heritage, framing the adventures of the explorers of this fabulous paradise. Many itineraries of almost every level of difficulty are waiting for those who want to spend a summer holiday in the Dolomites, either if you are taking a walk next to the crystal-clear water of a mountain stream or if you are undertaking a multi-day tour with an amazing panoramic view on the surrounding peaks.

  • Discover South Tyrol Culture visiting its cities, museums and castles

    • City Tour Bolzano

      Once city of merchants, today city of art, show, culture, exchange and vacation.

    • City Tour Merano

      The Spa Town. A place where town and country interact in unique symbiosis.

    • City Tour Bressanone

      The episcopal city of Bressanone combines Medieval-Baroque atmosphere with modern lifestyle.

    • Novacella Abbey

      One of the most significant monasteries in entire Tyrol.

    • City Tour Brunico

      A very magical medieval environment you can not miss!

    • City Tour Trento

      Once city of merchants, today city of art, show, culture, exchange and vacation.

    • South Tyrol Museum of Archeology

      Discover the history of the province from the Palaeolithic age to the Carolingian epoch.

    • Batanic Garden of Trauttmansdorff

      Twelve-hectare amphitheatre of colorful plants from all around the world.

    • Messner Mountain Museums

      Six places, six exhibitions, six experiences.

    • Tirolo Castle

      The ancestral seat of the counts of Tyrol

    • Roncolo Castle

      A medieval fortification with fresh and interesting frescoes.

    • Rametz Castle

      A tour through the vineyards and the viticulture museum.

    • Scena Castle & The Mausoleum

      A castle full of architectural and artistic treasures and the first and most remarkable neo-Gothic religious buildings of the 19th century.

    • Coira Castle

      The largest private worldwide armory in South Tyrol.

    • Ski All Seasons

      Eight months a year of Skiing & Snowboarding in the Dolomites.