• Land of legends, myths, sport and nature. 

    At sunset, the mountains light up in fiery red, turning to purple before fading into the night: this is the Enrosadira, the Alpenglow, a phenomenon whose origins are deeply rooted in legend. Holiday among the most famous Dolomite peaks, the Tofana di Rozes, the Marmolada or the 5 Towers .. the scenic highlights of one of the planet’s most spectacular landscapes. Your unique holidays in the Unesco Dolomites. The ideal place for climbing, trekking, spending unforgettable wellness holidays or romantic weekends.

  • Live The Dolomite In Summer

    The summer holiday in the mountain is, to put it mildly, surprising: colourful flowers, green meadows, shady woods and above all the extraordinary mountain chain of the Dolomites, UNESCO world natural heritage, framing the adventures of the explorers of this fabulous paradise. Many itineraries of almost every level of difficulty are waiting for those who want to spend a summer holiday in the Dolomites, either if you are taking a walk next to the crystal-clear water of a mountain stream or if you are undertaking a multi-day tour with an amazing panoramic view on the surrounding peaks.

  • Live The Dolomite In Winter

    When winter comes, the Dolomites wear a snow-white robe; from that moment it is time to take skis, snowboard and the whole winter equipment from the garage and to get ready for your winter holiday! Everyone can ski in the Dolomites, undisputed homeland of winter sports in the Alps: a unique experience for everyone. Excellent snow conditions, ski slopes of every level of difficulty and a lot of sun are the strenghts points of the 12 ski areas of DolomitiSuperskipass, with its over 1200 Km of ski slopes and 450 modern ski lift systems.

    But the range of activities that one can practice in winter is not limited to traditional skiing: every year, tourists coming from all over the world meet each other in the Dolomites to enjoy beautiful walks, bobsleigh rides, cross-county ski or, for the most daring, ice climbing or ski mountaineering; excursions with snowshoes even at night in the beautiful natural landscape of the UNESCO Dolomites.

  • The Dolomites UNESCO Site – A journey through history

    On the 26th of June 2009, the UNESCO Committee gathered in Seville and decleared the Dolomites a Natural World Heritage Site.
    The nine systems making up the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site are like an open book revealing the past of our planet, you can read it vertically in order to discover the earth’s history and also on the horizontal plane if you want to explore the Prehistoric geography.

    The ‘discovery’ of the Dolomites can be dated back to 1789 when the French scientist Dèodat de Dolomieu, traveling through South Tyrol, reported the finding of a distinguishing rock which, after an analysis, turned out be a new mineral. Subsequently, to pay homage to his discoverer, this unknown mineral was given the name Dolomite.

    Since then, people acclaimed the geological and geo-morphological relevance of these mountains. Very quickly they became a noteworthy destination for scientists and researchers which could directly observe really unique geological phenomena. The Dolomites clearly document the evolution of the earth’s history, in particular the interval between the Upper Permian and the Triassic (between 270 and 200 million years ago). Here you can admire fossil reefs and tropical environments of the Mesozoic, the resurgence of life after the dramatic extinction occurred 251 million years ago, as well as the intense volcanic activity. Walking around the Dolomites means visiting an ancient lagoon and descending escarpments once submerged by a very deep sea