• Behind The Trace Of Ötzi

    The Europe's oldest known natural human mummy

    More than 5,500 years ago, a man ascended the icy heights of the Senales Valley glacier and died there. In 1991, his body – as well as his clothes and equipment, mummified and frozen – was accidentally discovered. It has been an archaeological success providing a unique insight into the life of a man of the Chalcolithic Period who was travelling at high altitudes.
    After many years of investigation conducted by highly specialized research teams, the mummy has been moved immediately from the glacier to  Innsbruck and after to Bolzano where it belongs. Today you can admire the mummy and the discovered artifacts at the South Tyrolean Archaeological Museum in Bolzano.

    We lead you through a fascinating travel to the past, behind the trace of the most famous mommy in Europe Ötzi. We offer you a daily excursion that includes:

    • Tour in Senales Valley – Cable car up to the glacier at 3212 m. asl : let the cable car carry you up in just 6 minutes to the highest mountain station in South.
    • Entry to The Archeoparc
    • Visit of the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology in Bolzano where is exposed the mummy of Otzi.

    Don’t miss this awesome opportunity to discover the history of South Tyrol!


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