• Tirolo Castle

    The former seat of the Counts of Tyrol

    In majestic position high above Merano, there is the family seat of the Early of Tyrol, located on a huge moraine. One upon a time, Castel Tirolo was the seat of the Earls whose last member died in 1253. Today, however, it is the symbol of the area.
    In 1140 the castle was built by the Earls of Tyrol as their residence and soon the castle became one of the most famous all over Tyrol. The circular wall, constructed around 1100, today is one of the oldest preserved circular walls all over. Under the rule of countess Margarethe Maultasch the castle had its booming years. When Margarethe Maultasch abdicated, the residence of the earls was transferred to Innsbruck.
    There were restoration works in the 19th century and since 2003 the South Tyrolean Museum of History has been hosted inside the ruins. This museum provides an insight into the history of Tyrol down to the present day. Remaining are the impressive portals as well as the chapel of the castle. Inside this chapel there are also numerous Gothic frescos, the oldest glass paintings as well as a crucifixion larger than life-sized. Above the entrance to the chapel you can see the oldest portrayal of the Tyrolean spread eagle dating back to the 13th century.

    Close to the castle there is also a falconry with a Bird Care Centre for raptorial birds, which will not only enthusiast your kids!


    From middle March to the beginning of December
    from 10 am. to 5 pm opened
    and from 1 to 31 August until 6 pm
    Closed: Monday



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