• Trekking to the “ Torri del Vajolet” (Vajolet Towers)

    Being part of the Catinaccio / Rosengarten group the Torri del Vajolet / Vaiolet towers are probably among the most photographed peaks in the Dolomites (just after Tre Cime di Lavaredo / Drei Zinnen). Together there are ten summits, roughly divided into two subgroups. The six northern ones are rather massive while the four southern ones are fine needlelike spires.

    The Catinaccio/Rosengarten is a paradise for excursionists and the Vajolet refuge is right in the centre of this breathtaking landscape. Different excursions are possible departing from the Vajolet refuge: towards the famous Vajolet Towers (sought-after destination of all climbers), towards the Santner pass, towards Cima Antermoia or the Antermoia pass, etc. Many other refuges can be reached from the Vajolet refuge: the Re Alberto, Passo Santner, Gardeccia, Principe pass, Antermoia, Roda di Vael, Coronelle and many more.

    From the Gardeccia Refuge there are several routes of short and medium trekking itineraries, ideal for families. 



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When does it start the appropriate period for excursions, vie ferrate and climbs?

Usually during the end of May it is possible to climb the southern exposed faces and climb some railroads. In some cases, after winter with heavy snow, the snow on the top of the mountains can restrict the access to the vie ferrate.

Until when is it possible to go to climb, trekking and via ferrata?

You can go until the end of October. Usually autumn is an amazing season for all the activities on the mountains.
The weather is stabler than summer, which brings many dangerous storms. The colors of the forests and the fall’s lights make the Dolomites look even more beautiful!

Which are the best topographic maps for the Dolomites?

Tabacco Maps are arguably the best topographic maps in the Dolomites. They are scaled 1:25000 and cover the whole north-eastern part of Italy. You can buy the maps here.

What about the Alta Via of the Dolomites?

The “Alte vie” (High Routes) of the Dolomites are alpine trekking routes that connect various refuges. In general they are not particularly difficult, at least for those who are used to walking in the mountains. There are 8 routes provided with indications and marked with a characteristic symbol: a triangle with a number that labels each route.
The possibility to stay at a refuge – reservation is recommended – is guaranteed from the end of June to the end of September, but as bad weather is not uncommon in the mountains it is always better to be well equipped.

Is it possible to rent the technical equipment for via ferrata?

Yes, a lot of sporting goods stores you can rent climbing harnesses, helmets and ferrata set.
When you go on the mountains with a mountain guide, the guide is going to provide the necessary equipment, usually included in the price.