• Venosta Valley Daily Tour by Car

    Nature and the middle ages


    Venosta – a valley full of thrilling contrasts, wonderful panoramas, many natural beauties, old traditions and exciting stories! A special land with special people.

    Icy glaciers, clear mountain lakes, lush alpine meadows, vines and fruits enough and to spare. Venosta Valley  in South Tyrol enchants offering a varied natural landscape ranging between 400 and 4,000 m of altitude.

    Period: from early April to late October


    The submerged steeple

    Curon is well known for its Romanesque bell tower that emerges from Resia Lake and tourists are understandably curious about its history. This steeple, dating back to 1355, indicates that there once was a village down below. The last inhabitants of old Curon were forcibly evacuated in 1950 just a few days before water poured in to fill the Resia artificial lake reservoir. Thus the new Curon was relocated on the shore of the large Resia Lake.

    Glorenza, the smallest city of the Southern Alps, is rich in historic jewels and it surprises its visitors with its charming corners.

    Glorenza was founded about 700 years ago, at the time of Meinhard II von Tirol. In the course of centuries, this town played an important role as a trade centre.

    As Glorenza has never extended beyond its murals, still today no more than 880 inhabitants live here. The city was able to preserve its historic character as mediaeval town and it is considered an architectonic jewel. The circular wall with the three city towers and a series of fortified towers surround the charming alleys and corners, town houses of the 16th century and the arcades with their special atmosphere. 

    Coira Castle, located at the entrance of Mazia Valley in Sluderno, is composed of both Romanesque and Gothic architectural elements.

    One of the best-preserved castles in South Tyrol is in the sunny Venosta Valley and it is called Coira Castel. In 1259 this building was mentioned for the first time with the name “Curberch“ in a document of the archbishop Heinrich von Monfort, after 9 years, since it was built in 1250 ca.   However, already in 1297 the Lords of Mazia that were in constant feud with the prince-bishopric of Chur became the new castle owners. At the beginning of the 16th century, after the death of the last representative of the Lords of Mazia, the castle changed owners and it was given to the Counts of Trapp.

    Today the castle, which has never been destroyed, hosts a wide variety of well-furbished rooms. For those who love arts, the Madonna sculpture, the funeral shields in the castle chapel and the decorated arcades with Renaissance vault, made of typical marble of Lasa in Venosta Valley, are particularly interesting. Moreover, Coira Castle hosts also the world largest private armory, including a collection of armaments with more than 50 suits of armour, thrustings and swords.

    San Procolo Chapel and Nature Museum RNO MUSEUM

    Valuable treasures of history can be found in Merano and surroundings, one of which is the San Procolo chapel near Naturno, dating back to the 7th century.

    The little church near Naturno is undoubtedly a historical treasure. This chapel dates back to the 7th century AD and it features the oldest frescoes found in the German-speaking area, as well as Gothic frescoes dating back to the 14th century AD.


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Which are the closest airports in the area?

The closest airport are Innsbruck (125Km) and Verona (143km).

Do i need travel insurance?

We recommended getting a travel insure policy which cover you for all medical expenses(including repatriention) and any expensive items you bring away with you such as laptops, smartphone, photo cameras, tablets, etc. Travel insurance should be taken out at the time of booking in case you have to cancel out travel because of unforeseen events.

What's the opening period of mountain huts?

During summer season, they open approximately their doors on the 10th of June and close them on the 25th of September. These dates depend on weather conditions.

Is it necessary to bring your own sleeping bag in mountain huts?

No. Usually the beds in the mountain huts have got a blanket and a quilt. Anyways it is better to ask for more information to the mountain hut.

Are there showers in mountain huts?

Usually the room has a shared shower, just a few rooms have a private shower. Using the shower has normally a cost because the water in the mountain huts is precious and it runs frequently out.

Do I need to book in forehand a room in a mountain hut?

No, but is highly recommended. Otherwise it is better to arrive early in the afternoon in order to have a better chance of getting the room.